Wood Drying

Our microwave solutions can save you up to 75% in energy costs and speed up productivity by up to 80% for wood and timber drying.

Benefits of our microwave drying for wood and timber

  • Solid 24/7 technology
  • Low operational and maintenance costs
  • Energy saving up to 75% comparing to traditional drying processes
  • Guaranteed bug free wood through WAVEGUARD 32® possibilities
  • More flexible demand driven planning
  • Logistic advantages
  • Complete, fast, uniform and controlled warming-up of the wood
  • Compact installations, easy to plan in at low capital outlay
  • User-friendly applications
  • Low process temperatures for high-quality wood resulting in the maintenance of the properties
  • Environment-friendly compared to immersion or fumigation
  • Ready to meet the expected growing stringency of the ISPM standardization

Areas of application:

  • Packaging wood
  • Loading pallets
  • Stow wood
  • Wood for both wooden floors and parquet floors


  • Compact set-up
  • Continuous processing
  • High energy efficiency (32 kW/hour for 5m³ wood/hour)
  • Complete destruction of larvae (Hylotrupes bajulus – Capricorn and Lyctus Brunneus included)
  • Fully automated
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low operational costs
  • Safe and user-friendly


  • The device is used to destroy the larvae in the most frequently sorts of wood on a fast and fully The wood may vary in moisture content
  • The standard WAVEGUARD 32® uses 32 kW microwave power capacity
  • The standard capacity is about 5m³/hour for an oak plank of 1 inch high, 3 layers high packaged and 3 layers wide
  • The temperature profile is controlled during the process
  • The installation is programmable according to the specific kinds of wood and moisture contents
  • The WAVEGUARD 32® is entirely PLC-controlled
  • The possibility to upscale or to put it in series (with 1 central PLC) in function of the capacity
  • ‘Real-time’ registration and storing of the temperature profile data (option)
  • The installation is commissioned in accordance with the CE standards as well as with the most recent safety guidelines with respect to using microwave installations

WAVEGUARD 32® – A safe and environment friendly way for conditioning wood

The WAVEGUARD 32® is an efficient and complete solution for making various sorts of wood bug free. The WAVEGUARD 32® is an industrial 32kW oven, based on microwave technology.
By applying microwave technology the wood is quickly brought up to a temperature of 70°C, starting from the core. Therefore all bugs and larvae are be effectively destroyed. The structural properties of the wood remain absolutely the same as initial guaranteed.
The efficient destruction of bugs and larvae at a temperature of more than 60 °C through microwave technology was observed during tests conducted by the ‘Centre de Recherche de la Nature, des Forêts et du Bois de la Faculté Universitaire des Sciences Agronomiques de Gembloux’1and reported in June 2004. These tests were carried out on Capricorn Hylotrupes bajulus L.
The WAVEGUARD 32® is not only used for the treatment of packaging wood and stow wood, but also for the more high-quality and high value wood such as European oak for wooden floors.

In comparison with chemical treatments the WAVEGUARD 32® is an environment friendly as well as a safe solution. Compared to the traditional ovens, the WAVEGUARD 32® is a fast (4 minutes), compact and energy-efficient solution.
Depending on the moisture content of the wood, the WAVEGUARD 32® guarantees an in line, capacity up to 1.5 m³ per hour in a continuous way.
In other words, the WAVEGUARD 32® is a solid 24/7 solution yielding profit in the qualitative, phyto sanitary and logistic field.
The WAVEGUARD 32® enables you to comply with the ISPM 15 today. Moreover, the WAVEGUARD 32® is ready for the expected ISPM changes towards a higher core temperature inside of the wood. The WAVEGUARD 32® method is the subject of a patent application (patent 2002/0722 and PCT/BE03/00214).
The WAVEGUARD 32® is developed by MEAM plc in cooperation with HOEBEEK plc.

Report of June 2004 by B. Jourez, Prof. Dr. J. Hebert, S. Charron M Sc and Prof. Dr. T.Avella-Shaw.