Our Technology

Microwave heating is a dielectric heating process.  The microwave energy converts into heat energy due to the polar structure of the molecules, atoms and ions.

The supply of energy effects without intermediary heating elements and therefore the process has no inertia. The production of heat is within the material itself and therefore without thermal dissipation. Only the product is warming up and not its environment.
Changing electro-magnetic field (frequency) causes the molecules to flip their orientations back and forth. When they move, they rub against each other and this friction converts some of their energy into thermal energy.

Our microwave technology can be applied to many different industry sectors including:

  • Wood / Timber / Log sterilisation and drying
  • Agriculture – animal feed / cereal / bio-fuel / slurry drying
  • Industrial – precious metal recycling
  • Sand Drying
  • Food stuffs drying

To find out more about how our microwave technology can save your business thousands in energy and production costs please contact Tony Bolton on 0116 231 1911 or 07957 872208.