For a fast and efficient processing of virgin and recycled materials in the processing industry Process Technologies offer the DRY SERIES microwave ovens.

DRY SERIES are microwave technology solutions designed for industrial product drying. They dry voluminous materials in continuous, gradual and controlled way in minimum time.

As such it can be possible to reduce industrial product drying energy costs and process time by up to 75%.
Technical data
• Microwave capacity: from 4 kW to 96 kW as a function of the capacity
• Standard Frequency: 2,450 MHz +/- 10 MHz or Variable Frequency
• Common dimensions: 6.5 m (length) x 2.1 m (height) x 1.5 m (width)
• Conveyor belt: 50 cm wide in various construction systems
• Product dimensions: 20 cm (height); chips, granules, slurries
• The basic industrial version has a capacity of 32 kW, provided by 16 PLC controlled magnetrons
• Temperature limitation if required for type of material and capacity
• Possibility of drying by means of inert gasses (optional)
• Appropriate for product starting from 20% humidity with excessive drying up to < 0.3%
• Considerable energy savings up to 75% compared to traditional methods
• Compact installation (+/- 20m3)
• The installation is supplied along with a CE label and complies with the statutory safety regulations (DIN, VDE, GBB et al)
• Available in various capacities, depending on the application.

Impression of DRY SERIES microwave oven
The DRY Series is appropriate especially for drying:
• Chips : dried from 30% down to 8% (moisture content), 1000 kg/h (quantity)
• Flakes : from 0.35% to < 0.01% (moisture content), • Gums : from 55% to <1% (moisture content), in less than 15 min (time) (latex)
• Granules : from 8-12% to 0.5% or even 0.01% (moisture content), 1 kW/litre liquid (capacity), drying by means of nitrogen is optional (PC, PA)
• Slurry : from 60% to 25% – by means of filter drying – to 1% (moisture content), typically in less than 15 min (time), +/- 1 kW/litre liquid (capacity) (ceramics/polymer)
General advantages of industrial microwave installations
• A robust technology, implemented in continuous production processes
• Immediate and increased throughput and productivity
• Reduced capital cycles
• Varied production capability
• Considerable energy savings and lower operational costs
• Controlled heating and drying processes
• Safe and user-friendly equipment
• A low maintenance cost
• Compact installations that take minimum space